Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christmas 1979

Christmas was divided again between Jennifer's mom's house and a ski resort. This year Jennifer's dad took them to Snowmass again and Buttermilk. The ski resorts treat the kids extra special over Christmas. Jennifer was lavished with free hot chocolate, gifts, Christmas trees and visits from Santa Claus! These are happy memories for Jennifer.

Jennifer in the lodge

Jennifer trying to jump at Snowmass

This year, 1979, Jennifer listed her gifts in her diary again.

December 25, 1979

Dear Diary,

"This Christmas I got almost everything I wanted. A pot belly bear, 3 books, book mark, gum, game, 2 outfits, pants, leotard, Lego-kitchen, Slinky, perfume, Princess Leah and photo album."

Jen and Dan showing off their loot!

The Lego kitchen is now a vintage toy. Here's a close-up. Jennifer had so much fun with it.

Kids love taking a photo with their favorite toy, or their entire pile of gifts. It's sort of a trophy. Fisherman do the same thing--gotta get a picture with that big fish you waited so long to catch. You wait a long time for Christmas too. Here are some of Jennifer's previous trophy photos:

Jennifer loved this kitchen. It was so realistic. The love of cooking never caught on with her--but she still loves a beautiful kitchen!

Jennifer remembers begging for this doll. The doll drank a bottle and peed her diaper. Again, so realistic! Jennifer would go on to enjoy real babies (but not real pee!)

What are your favorite childhood Christmas presents?


Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. President is Jimmy Carter

Stephen King publishes The Dead Zone

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  1. My dad built me a wooden kitchen. I loved it. We put our bowls of ice cream in the oven and when they melted we felt it was proof that it was a real...working...oven!! To this day it's the Christmas gift I remember best...I must have been 5.


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