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First Diary Entry Ever--January 1, 1979

Littleton, Colorado--home of the first diary entries!

Jennifer's Mom and Dad!

Big brother, Dad and Jennifer at Squaw Valley USA

January 1, 1979 (age 8)

Dear Diary,

"I went to Skate City and speed skated. I saw a boy that was in my class. I loved him. His name is Robbie."

So, of course, Jennifer's first diary entry is about a boy. This will be a common thread. I don't know why she wrote in the past tense, "I loved him." I think she already knew that he was just the first of many. All of her loves are past tense now--except the last one...
These pages were written when Jennifer lived in Littleton, Colorado--one of the most beautiful places in the United States! Sure it snows (not a plus in my book), but its very sunny--like Lake Tahoe. It will blizzard one day and then sparkle the next. There is nothing like sunshine on fresh snow.

Jennifer's parents divorced when she was six. They lived in Marin County, CA at the time. (I think its illegal to wear perfume in Marin County now--its a very health conscious place). The family left Dad in California and moved to Colorado. Dad, brother Dan and Jennifer were pretty torn up over that. Jennifer spent the next twenty years trying to piece her family back together. Her mom couldn't afford Marin County on her own and the family used to live in Colorado--so it made sense financially at the time to move back. Divorce was kind of a new concept back then--the long-term effects had yet to be revealed.

I think the boy crazy thing started after Jennifer left her dad. She saw him once or twice a year after that. She had been a daddy's girl. No one could make Jennifer stop crying when she was a baby except her dad. She pretty much worshipped him.

Did your family divorce? What do you remember about the day they told you?

Jennifer remembers her face turning red. She felt like they failed. She didn't know that a family could fail. She thought it was partly her fault even though her parents promised it had nothing to do with her.

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  1. When daddy's little girl loses her daddy...her world changes forever.


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