Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whoops! Three entries discovered from 1978

Okay, rather than edit my previous post and try to hide my mistake--I'm going to admit it. The first diary entry ever was not in 1979, it was in 1978. I just discovered the following three entries. Jennifer is eight years old and she's writing at Christmas time. The following is the real, first ever diary entry:

December 23, 1978
Dear Diary,
"Today we came back from Snowmass on a jet. I got to see the wheeles come out."

(note: I correct the spelling in these entries. I also edit out last names. Jennifer wrote: "weeles")
I have no idea how she saw the wheeles come out if she was in the plane! Jennifer's family did not own a jet--I'm guessing there was jet service directly to Snowmass from Denver airport.

Snowmass Ski Resort, Colorado--Dan and Jennifer love to slalom race!

Jennifer and Daniel swimming at Snowmass after a day on the slopes

Snowmass as it appeared from Jennifer's hotel/condo in 1978


December 24, 1978

Dear Diary,

"Today we got to see Superman. It was a good movie."

Jennifer's dad loves movies. He's pretty imaginative for a computer programmer. Of course, he favors high-tech and outer space movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. His motto is, "Live long and prosper." (The Vulcan salute from Star Trek). If Charles is like any character on any show or movie--its Spock. Smart, unemotional (but kind)--logical! Emotions don't always compute in logic, which makes Charles a bit alien in his world (and alien to a highly emotional girl like Jennifer). Try to imagine Spock raising a fiery, argumentative human daughter!

December 25, 1978

Dear Diary,

"At Christmas I got a chalkboard, a nightgown, a robe, a shirt and pants, a lego set, a puzzle, a basket for my bike, my own pair of skis and ski boots and ski poles and a ski trip, and clay mates, and a bracelet, paper dolls, a book and quick point."

They still make clay mates!


Snowmass became Jennifer's family favorite ski resort. Her mother does not ski. Instead of a Disneyland Dad, Jen and Dan got a Ski Resort Dad. Jen and Dan looked forward to these vacations with their dad all year.

At this time, Jennifer, Dan and her mom lived in a townhouse in Colorado. Her dad lived in an apartment in Foster City, California--1300 miles apart (19 hours by car).

Did you have a Disneyland Dad? Where did he take you?


World population 4.3 billion

U.S. President--Jimmy Carter

Affirmed wins the Kentucky Derby

Record of the year, "Hotel California" Eagles

Insulin is invented

U.S. stamp, .13 cents


  1. So that's how your love of skiing came about... It must have been very frustrating to have Spock for a dad. I read your Christmas gifts over 5 times...chalkboard, nightgown, paper dolls...the simple things and no electronics!

  2. of course I realize the electronic gifts for kids were QUITE limited in 1978...miss that!


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