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First Kiss

March 6, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today Steve asked me to go skating with him and his brother and sister. We went roller skating. The first couple's skate, I skated with Scott, Steve's brother. He is ten. Steve is 13. I am 11 and Steve's sister is 6. The second couple's skate, I skated with Steve (what fun). I really like Steve. Well "write in ya later" (ha ha ha). Jennifer"

Jennifer was thrilled when Steve asked her to go skating. She doesn't remember clearly now, but somehow it wasn't really a date. She tried hard to see it that way though.

It went something like this...Steve invited her brother to go skating to meet girls, her brother couldn't go, Jennifer said she was free and invited herself and since the siblings were going....Steve reluctantly agreed to take her. His mom drove. Sadly, this is a more realistic version of events :(

March 15, 1982

Dear Diary,

"I had no homework. Steve was bugging me. I really hate him. I will never like him again. I do like Rich. Bye. Jennifer."

I think Jennifer was disappointed that the pretend date hadn't led anywhere.

March 19, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today Steve spent the night. I really hate Steve. I like a lot of people and I think they like me too. Well bye. Jennifer"

Sometimes other men are the best revenge (did I just write that out loud?)
March 25, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today we had math and social studies homework. I really gotta go. I still like Steve. Jennifer."

Eleven year-olds!!!

March 26, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today I had no homework. In math we went to a probability fair. Steve, Robbie and Edna are spending the night. Dan and Steve were chasing Edna around again. I was so jealous. I kissed Steve on the lips and on the cheek a couple of times. I french kissed Robbie. 'God, please let Steve chase after me please.' I think I love him. Jennifer"

Jennifer describes her first kiss

Jennifer's first kisses were with her brother's friends who were having a sleepover with her brother. Sleepovers are not as innocent as they appear to be sometimes. A close friend of mine once said, "There are a lot of hours in the night." It's dark, parents are sleeping, kids are full of hormones and aren't equipped to make the best decisions (sometimes its the parents who are the ones full of hormones, but that's another story altogether...). Sometimes it's inappropriate movies, free-for-all gluttony, staying up all night, exposure to excessive drinking or plain lack of supervision that can just add up to a sleepover "gone wild!" This particular sleepover didn't go too far, but going too far usually begins with going a little far first....

March 27, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today Daniel is spending the night at Steve's. I love you God. Bye. Jennifer."

Jennifer talked to God a lot. She ended up spending years rejecting Him, accusing Him, yelling at Him, hating Him and withdrawing her love from Him but she never stopped talking to him. She often told God out loud that she didn't believe in Him. Jennifer did not see the irony in this until she was in her thirties!

April 6, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today nothing much happened. I don't have much time so I wanted to tell you I hate Steve. I mean I really hate him. Well bye. Jennifer"

April 7, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today I did nothing. Steve went to Mississippi for a week. He will be back Easter. (yuk on Steve). Bye. Jennifer"

This was the last entry Jennifer wrote about Steve. Whew! Jennifer remembers Steve looking like Bobby Brady.

Bobby Brady

Do you remember your first kiss? Care to share?

Types of Kisses
French kiss
Butterfly kiss (done with eyelashes)
Eskimo kiss (done with noses)
Kiss hand and blow kiss
Air kiss
Mistletoe kiss (obligatory)
Letter kiss (write XXXXX on letter, add O to hug)
Virtual kiss ::-*
Phone kiss (smooch sound)
First Kiss

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  1. Yes, sleepovers are not always as innocent as they should be. I am so very glad we are not doing them anymore! Gosh, my first kiss?! I'll have to think about that. I'm sure it was with one of my brother's friends! :)


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