Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Junior High....ugh!

Here are snippet's of junior high life for a sixth grader.....

February 9, 1982
Dear Diary,
"I only have math and Social Studies homework today. Salma gave me a really neat key chain. When I got home from school I watched TV, talked to my friends on the phone, did my homework, played with Muffin, ate dinner, did the kitchen and fed Cocoa. Now I am writing in my diary. Then I will take a shower, brush my teeth, read the bible and to to bed. Well, bye. P.S. the time is 7:50pm."


February 15, 1982
Dear Diary,

"There was no school today. We went shopping all day. I got: a purse, one pair of nickers, two pairs of pants, about three shirts and that is all. I really want a parakeet. I have to go so bye."

February, 16, 1982

Dear Diary
"I wore my nickers today. I rode to school with Edna. Becky gave me a necklace she had since she was a baby and a dollar and a card. She lives in Colorado. She is my best friend in the world. I have to go bye."

Jennifer and Becky both liked to load their beds with every stuffed animal they owned!

Jennifer met Becky when Jennifer's mom was dating Becky's dad back in Colorado. Jennifer wanted her mom to marry Becky's dad with all her heart. Jennifer and Becky both loved horses. They played horses for hours. Jennifer wanted Becky to be her sister but, most of all, she wanted a complete family. This dream did not come true. Jennifer and Becky are still friends today. Becky now lives in Montana and is as horse-crazy as ever!
February 19, 1982

Dear Diary,

"I am bored but I did the laundry and dusted. Dad came home a little late. I might get a parakeet tomorrow. Bye."

Jennifer did not get the parakeet. She pestered her dad daily for the bird. Eventually, after tireless negotiations, a settlement was reached. Jennifer ended up with a quiet hamster. She named him Chipper. She loved Chipper and he seemed to love her back. Her favorite thing to do was put him in his ball and let him run around the kitchen!

February, 24, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today in sculpture, Rich told Randy I was his girlfriend. I like Rich a lot. Mrs. L is not going to buy our stereo. Well bye."

February 26, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Nothing happened today at all. My bike has a flat tire. Edna is spending the night. I think somebody will ask me to go with them on Monday. Well bye."


February 28, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Today I got my hair feathered. It looks real nice. I rode around a lot today. We got a refrigerator Saturday. Me and dad had to clean the old one and the new one. Well bye."
Will the real Feather Babe please stand up!

Feathering her hair didn't make Jennifer look like Farrah or Heather, but it was still worth a try! Jennifer was only good at feathering one side of her hair--she eventually gave up on her lopsided attempts at babeness.

March 1, 1982

Dear Diary,

"Nothing really happened today at all. I still like Rick. Well, Paul, Randy, Wayne, Rich and Kye act like they have a crush on me. Paul is okay. Randy has bad breath. Wayne has long hair nobody likes him and he's ugly. He is sort of kind. Kye I would not go with but he might ask me. I would go with Rich though. Oh, Mark and Jason S. act like they like me too. I don't know if I would go with them though. Steve I think likes me. He is in the 7th grade. Jennifer"

"Will you go with me?" was the Jr. high version of "Will you be my girlfriend?" Jennifer longed to hear those words....

Did you enjoy Jr. High?

Hair styles of the 80's
The mullet, worn oh so well by John Stamos
Big Hair
Sky high bangs
Rocker frizz
The side pony-tail
Jheri Curl
New Wave
80's Punk

Here is a nice 80's family all dressed up!

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  1. Oh that 80's family photo is too much- I am dying!!!
    "Will you go with me?" was the best question a girl could get....even if she didn't like the guy and had no intention of saying-yes!


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