Friday, July 10, 2009

The Moth

January 6, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
"Today was a half-day and P.E. was okay. I only made one out and I hit the ball every time in softball. I have a lot of homework but I finished it all. I still love Randy. I played Coleco Vision a lot today. Well I want to tell you something about yourself. You are very pretty with beautiful turquoise eyes, long eyelashes and pretty pink, feathered hair. You are friendly, poetic, musical and perfect. You are shaped like a finely carved triangle without feet or arms but that's okay since you float. Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your Admirer, Jennifer. P.S. help me get rid of the ants in my room."

I will admit that Jennifer, while not crazy, was a little weird. But Ophelia was more than a diary friend, she was Jennifer's guardian angel. Jennifer felt a loving presence with her. She spoke to this presence constantly. She knew she was heard. She gave the presence a few names over the years--Diary, Ophelia, Mother Nature, Gabriel and finally, in a simple moment of clarity--God.

January 10, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
"Today I have a lot of homework. In. P.E. we chose teams. I hope it works out okay. I'm not too good at softball. Me and Lara are drifting apart. Lara is always trying to boss me around. Sometimes she yells at me. But nobody can boss me around. I would rather die than kneel to anybody. Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer."

Big talk from a little girl! I see the beginnings of tweenage angst...

January 11, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
"I had a lot of homework today. Ants are still in my room (I hate them). Ophelia, please help me get a tan. When I go out shopping, can I please get what I want? Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer."

I'm not sure why Jennifer was wishing for a tan in January...

January 12, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
I still love Randy. I hope he asks me to go with him. I'm not very popular because I'm ugly. You see, I have freckles and I don't have expensive clothes. I am shy. And my hair is so fine it won't really feather, so I am going to get a permanent. Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer. P.S. I have 185 dollars saved for a horse, maybe more."

The Twilight books are out and I have read all of them. To say the books are popular would be an understatement. I attribute the popularity to Bella, not to Edward. I think more girls relate to Bella than to the beautiful, powerful vampires. Bella is clumsy, somewhat plain and not a fashion plate. She's insecure and shy. She is drawn to the vampires like a moth to the flame. Jennifer was a moth.

January 13, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
"Me and Lara are drifting apart. We can't get a long without disagreeing. I hate the way Lara hints things like eating at my house or spending the night. It's worse than inviting herself over. I didn't have any homework. I would just die if I couldn't have a horse back riding lesson every week. I look forward to it so much. Well gotta go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer."

January 14, 1983

Dear Ophelia,
"Today there was no school. Lara and her little sister came over. Dad, Daniel and I saw South Pacific, a play done by San Mateo High School. It was great. It is very late. I really have to be going, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer. P.S. I love the guts out of Randy."

If Jennifer was the moth, Randy was the flame! The entire seventh grade had a crush on Randy. He looked a lot like the Karate Kid actor. It's interesting in school when a boy or girl is chosen as the "hot one". Randy became a commodity. The law of supply and demand multiplied his worth by the number if girls in the student body. Had Jennifer had eyes for any other boys, she may have stood a chance. But she and all her friends pined for this one boy, thus reducing all of their odds at landing him.

Do you remember the "hot one" in seventh grade? Who was it?

198o's Hot Actors
Tom Cruise
Mel Gibson
Harrison Ford
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