Monday, July 6, 2009

The Seeker

It's me again still minus my main computer. I have expected my computer to be working every day since my last entry. We have purchased a new hard drive, spent hours with tech support, sent the computer to the shop and now it's back in the shop. I'm going crazy because my laptop is also malfunctioning. I can't send email, I can't work on my novel and I can't blog about Jennifer with my scanned photos....arghhhh! I can Facebook and I am happy for this small joy. It's hard for a writer to be limited to so few words, but it may be good for my writing to be kept to such tight limits! Less is usually more...
Again, please check back in a few days or a week or by Christmas :) and I will have added photos to this entry and the one previous. The diary entries are getting longer and more descriptive as Jennifer grows older. I have been pulling entries out of order to showcase certain aspects of Jennifer's life.
I am going to try something new. I'm going to transcribe her entries in order rather than focusing on a specific theme, event or person. I will be able to write shorter posts more often. If you keep reading, you will get into the rhythm of her almost daily writing. I will continue to comment and post photos and trivia. My goal, as Jennifer ages, is to let the diaries do most of the talking.
December 26, 1982
Dear Ophelia,
"Today Mom left for the rest of the day. I just played around and Lara came over. I really miss Mom. Today we officially got our Coleco Vision and Donkey Kong. We played all night. Well bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer P.S. Help me decide if I want to live with Mom."
The lure of the home video game--Jen and Dan played all night! Along with this freedom to roam Foster City, eat alone at restaurants, go to bed at any hour and have friends over after school with no parents home--came the freedom to decide with which parent they wanted to live.
When Jennifer's mom moved to Alaska, Jennifer chose not to follow. She and Dan went to live with their dad. Jennifer missed her mom terribly--perhaps having a diary named Ophelia for a best friend was the result. Jennifer lived with two bachelors. Her house was not really a home, it was a crash pad. Tempted by her mom's visit and her home cooked meals, Jennifer began to consider life in Alaska. But to move, she would have to give up her father, her brother, her dog, her friends, her barn and her favorite place on earth to live--Northern California. It would take some thinking about...
December 27, 1982
Dear Ophelia,
"Today we played Coleco Vision and got two more games, Venture and Smurf. Daniel got Venture, I got Smurf (Christmas presents). I have ants in my room and I can't get rid of them. Well I have to go. Come over sometime and watch me play Coleco. Well bye Ophelia. Your true friend, Jennifer. P.S. I love you."
I promise that Jennifer is not a crazy person! Yes, she invited her diary to watch her play video games, but I find it heartbreaking--not crazy. She was a lonely girl for many years.
December 28, 1982
Dear Ophelia,
"How are you? I love to play Coleco Vision. Today Lara and Allen came over. Allen and Dan bugged Lara. I got really mad at Dan because he punched me in the stomach. I curled my hair today. It looks nice. Tonight I am going to read (bookworm). Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer."
December 29, 1982
Dear Ophelia,
"Today Lara is going to spend the night. In case I didn't tell you, I am taking care of Kitty again. Kitty is a cat that Pat owns. When Pat is gone on a trip, I take care of Kitty. Lara and I had a ceremony about the lunar eclipse but I was asleep before I saw it. Lara and I had a great time. Me and Daniel love to play Coleco Vision. Well nice writing to ya. Well I have to go, bye Ophelia. Your friend, Jennifer."
Maybe it was the age (12) or maybe it was the Jennifer/Lara combination--but the two girls had candle ceremonies and tried a Ouija board and checked out books on witchcraft from the library. Jennifer had never done this kind of thing before. She remembers the interest in magic and powers coming from Lara. Either way, it intrigued Jennifer. Nothing even remotely magical, weird or even spooky ever happened. Jennifer believes now that when you don't have a higher power in your life--but you know that you have a spirit--you become a Seeker.
Jennifer was starved for Something. She would spend many years chasing after the wrong things. She felt powerless in her life. She couldn't count on much to remain the same. By now she'd moved five times, lived with her nuclear family, lived with her divorced, single mother and lived with her divorced, single father.
She was also in charge of herself--she fed herself, made sure her homework was completed and turned in, Christmas shopped by herself, set her own bedtimes, had full access to all cable channels (and she did censor herself--some shows were just too much for her), she managed her own hygiene, her spending money and she took full care of her pets. She had two jobs--riding her bike to Pat's apartment to take care of her cat, Kitty and doing laundry at home. It's no wonder she sought after a power greater than herself and no wonder she missed her mother!

Did you have the experience of raising yourself when you were a child? How did you do?
President Ronald Reagan
Vice President George Bush
Median Household income $20,171
Unemployment rate 9.7%
Italy wins the World Cup
Cats opens on Broadway
The San Francisco 49'rs win the Superbowl!

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