Friday, August 21, 2009

A photo of Jen's Dad

Here is an actual photo of Jennifer's dad in 1962 or 1963 before he married Jennifer's mom. This is the 7094, IBM's biggest computer at the time. It looks just like the photos I found of the old computers!!! (see previous post--Date and (self) Preservation)

In this photo, Jennifer's dad is standing just to the right of the man who is sitting down

Jennifer's dad majored in Psychology at Florida State University 1959. Computer classes were not offered because computers were just taking their first, fragile breaths of air as a mainstream industry. Her dad learned to program computers at Rand Corporation where he landed his first job.

I contacted Jennifer's dad and this is his description of the photo:

"The picture is my promotion picture. We are looking at some graphs that I produced on this computer analyzing semiconductor test data submitted by vendors. Those $2700 tape drives are viable behind my colleges. There are 18 of these drives on each IBM 7094 computer. The programming language used is FORTRAN IV. The graphical prints were produced on a Stomberg Carson 4200 which costs $500,000. I was promoted to an engineer for being able to process this vendor data. This was part of the Minuteman II project at North American Aviation."

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