Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Blanket

August 19, 1984 Sunday

Dear Ophelia,
"Hi. I'm on the plane right now. It is so boring. Last night Daniel and I went driving for an hour and a half. We talked about school and music and friends and drugs. He stopped getting stoned. Guess what I stopped? Blue Blanket! (finger sucking). I don't even know why I kept it up so long. 

I'm pretty tan now. I said bye to all my friends. Friday night Luke came over and I said bye to him. I like him. We were fake wrestling in the backyard. It was great touching him like that. It was fun. 

Then he jumped off the roof so I gave him a piece of gum. Then he gave me a ride on his scooter. It was really fun. I had my hands on his waist. After the ride I said, 'Thanks for the ride, it was fun.' Luke said, 'It was fun for me too.' I like Luke a lot. 

Thursday night, Daniel, Luke, Allen, two girls and I went out together. The two girls went in a different car. We did a lot of stuff. We didn't have pot or coolers so don't worry. 

Yesterday, Daniel, Allen, Dad and I went and saw Dreamscape. It was good. Also, Dad and I went horse back riding on the beach. It was fun. 

We'll probably be in Alaska in about one hour and a half or so. I can't wait to be home and see all of my pets. And Mom, Jeff, Joel and Angela. I'm happy that Pepsi is still alive.

Dad gave me two lectures in two days about getting pregnant and V.D. and guys. Sometimes I wonder how much he knows. 

Well I gotta go, I'll write again tonight. Your friend, Jennifer."

Wow!!!! The "talk" came a few days late. Too bad. You never know, Jennifer might have been scared off earlier that night at the park if V.D. and pregnancy had been on her mind. Her last sex talk was in health class probably in 5th grade. Health class was so clinical and she was so young--that none of it seemed relevant at the time. Sex was still something that she had no plans to ever do!

Jennifer had a special blanket she called Blue Blanket. Jennifer doesn't remember sucking her fingers until she was 14! Is it strange to go that long? It seems strange to me. Obviously she decided it was time to grow up. This may have had something to do with her experience in the park. It seemed silly to "be a woman" and continue to suck her fingers at night.

Jennifer kept Blue Blanket because she still loved to smell it. I do believe that all the moving around and changing schools promoted her extreme insecurity. Jennifer slept with her blanket until her wedding day. Once a wife, she felt silly sleeping with a security blanket. She put it in the closet.

It stayed in her closet until her first child was born. When she saw her baby's attachment to his blanket--she felt silly once again that she still had hers! She decided it was time to get rid of it forever. Jennifer wrapped it in a garbage bag and placed it gently in the trash can.

In ancient Greece a child is considered a child until he or she is thirty years old. Yep, that's about right!  

Jennifer was amazed that she took a plane trip and not one of her animals died!! Pepsi is her blue parakeet.

Jennifer loved her evening with Luke! He was and remains a true gentleman. He was seventeen years old at the time. If he was interested in Jennifer, he knew better than to act on it. He became her first male friend. Wrestling with him was fun because it was safe.

However, he shouldn't have taken her on the scooter ride. Jennifer fell in love with Luke that night. She fell hard.

Joel, Josh and Cocoa (yes, that's a boy dog!)
Jennifer couldn't wait to get back to her Alaska pals!

Did you have a security blanket? How long did you keep it?

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