Monday, December 21, 2009

Good bye Junior High!

Jennifer is telling more and more of her own story now. I'm going to try a new format for transcribing. I will interject comments here and there throughout her diary entries rather than waiting for the end. I plan to write less as Jennifer writes more. I apologize in advance if I fail because, you must know by now, we both love to write!

September 29, 1984  Saturday

Dear Ophelia,
"I have so much to say. Well, Chevy got fired at the ranch because she put Brook out in the paddock with the lesson horses. How dumb. Debbie was so mad. Chev is so stupid. When she spent the night she was rude to me. I don't like her much anymore. So I'm head groom now. 

Sounds a little bit like the workplace, doesn't it?

I went to Palmer State Fair horse show. Debbie let me enter Bouie in a showmanship class. It was beginner showmanship. About 20 people were in the class. We groomed Bouie really well and I got dressed up. Bouie and I placed third. Debbie was proud of me. Everybody was. It was harder than I thought. The judge asked me some questions but I knew the answers right away cause Debbie quizzed me before the class. I worked hard that weekend and Debbie took us to the fair. It was fun.

Yesterday I took apart Pepsi's cage and thoroughly cleaned it. Then I got him fresh water and food. I like Pepsi. A couple of weeks ago I thoroughly cleaned my room. I cleaned everything. It looked really good. 

At school, in Sales Exploration we got to work in the school store. I haven't done it yet though. Guess what? I'm sick. I have mononucleosis. I've been home from school for two weeks. I have a visiting teacher who is coming on Monday to help me with homework. At first I had a fever and stuff. Now I'm a little better. Mom wants me to go to school Monday. 

In school, I love English and Sales Ex. I take aerobics in P.E. I hate World History. I hate Biology, the teacher is terrible. Math is okay. I've made some new friends. I really like Bartlett High. The first day I wasn't even nervous. I say that truthfully. 

Guess what else? I think I might be pregnant. Shhhh! Don't tell! I might not be. Its just that my stomach is getting bigger. Usually in the morning my stomach is very flat, but now it sticks out a little. After I eat, it gets bigger. I'm worried. Above my stomach but below my ribs there seems to be a lot of water. I'm late on my period about 15 days but that might be cause I'm sick. I hope to God I'm not pregnant. 

Jennifer was, and still is, snakelike. She's small enough that her stomach bulges after a big meal. Like a snake, you can always tell if she's eaten recently! (I know, gross).

Last night I dreamed that my friend was pregnant and she pushed around on my stomach and said I wasn't, then a doctor said I was. Then I dreamed that somebody and me were at Erik's house. Maybe all this means that I'm pregnant and Erik is the father. (Jennifer did not sleep with Erik, but she was confused about how much making out could make a baby.) But Steve could be too. 

So I'm either one month pregnant or two. Can you believe it? I'm 14, pregnant (maybe) and I don't even know who the father is. Great. I'm mad at myself. I hope I have my period soon. I hope the reason my stomach is big is because I'm sick. I wish I had some information on pregnancy so I could determine whether or not I'm pregnant. But I don't know where to look or where to get a pregnancy test. 

This is just sad. This is another "doughnut hole" in the world. Girls who are old enough to get pregnant but too young to know what to do about it (or even be 100% sure how it happened). She didn't have her own money yet or her own car. She didn't know her way around a Longs or a grocery store. She had no idea how to buy a test. She was just spinning in space all by herself, home all day from school, alone and hiding the biggest secret of her life! 

Well, here's some good news. This winter Dad is renting a condo in Tahoe. It has a jacuzzi. Well, John, Tom and Charles are going (cousins) but guess who else is going? Luke and Allen. They are going to stay in the condo with us. Dan said that I could ski with him and Luke and Allen. Everybody except me and Dan is helping to pay for the condo. We're going up for one week this Christmas. I can't wait. I'll be over Mono by then.

(Jennifer is already planning her next baby--lol!)

Today mom and Jeff are pulling up the carpet in the kitchen and putting down tile. Mom and Jeff bought a VCR last weekend. It is really fun. We rent movies and its fun. Jeff bought blank tapes and he taped Gandhi and All the President's Men. The latter was a good movie. 

This weekend we are going to try and get Splash. I hope we do. My bird is squawking. Mom bought me a photo album with a doe and a fawn picture on the front. Its really neat. I put pictures in it. I'm mad at Cheri. I've been sick two weeks and she hasn't even called me. Well I gotta go, bye. P.S. Ophelia, if you have the power, will you tell me in my dream tonight if I'm pregnant? Thanks, Jen.

Good bye junior high and hello high school! Life for Jennifer will never be the same.

An early VCR

Can you believe Jennifer spent the first 14 years of her life having never rented a movie?

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  1. I actually prefer the old style better. I think you loose the flow of the child/adolescent mind with the adult commentary interjected.


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