Tuesday, December 8, 2009


August 10, 1984 Friday

Dear Ophelia,
"I called Mom today. It was good to talk to her. I really miss Mom, Cocoa, Josh, Pumpkin, Pepsi, Joel and even Jeff. I can't wait to go home. I need my mom. I'll even give Joel a hug. I really like Joel, he makes a great brother. I can tell him things ya know. Lara is camping this weekend. 

Ophelia, I've been thinking about what happened with Steve and I'm not happy about it. I kind of feel like a slut. I'm not special anymore. I'm sorry about it. Here are some things that Steve said before, during and after; 'You're a good kisser. You'll make all your boyfriends happy. You're great and Steve, ya did it again.' All these things make me feel terrible.

I hope that I can have a good relationship with somebody someday. I want to go out with someone and really like him a lot and not be in a hurry. Maybe Erik and I can have that. I'll call him when I get back to Alaska. 

Well I gotta go, bye Ophelia. Your friend-4-ever, Jennifer. P.S. I love you. I'm homesick. Jen."

After what happened, I'm not surprised Jennifer was homesick and wanted her mom.

Jennifer had been living in Alaska for the last seventeen months. Her dad and brother still lived in the same house in Foster City. Even though she slept in her old bedroom and hung out with her old friends, Alaska was her home now.

She did love to see her dad and her brother! Her dad drove her crazy and her brother had a busy social life, but she missed them. Her brother included her in his life as much as he could. But still, it just wasn't the same.

Jennifer will remain confused about that night with Steve for a long time. 

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  1. Two thoughts

    1. When parents divorce it is hard enough on the kids, at least try to live in the same town. My oldest son had to go back and forth between two homes for years, but it we only lived 8 miles apart for the first 4 years, and 2 miles apart for the next 10.

    2. No wonder you wanted to get back to your mom and Alaska where it probably felt safer and more familiar. I think it's harder for girls to confide in their dads. It was (and is) for me. It's too bad you didn't feel safe enough to confide in your mom either about what happened. Did you have a friend to confide in? What about Lara? Did she ever say what happened to her that night in the park?


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