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The last entry was dated April 21, 1985. There is no entry for almost four months. And then...

August 8, 1985
Dear Ophelia,
"Long time no write pal. Well, I started writing this autobiography so I figured why write in here anymore. But I was looking for an excuse I guess. I'm back now and I'll try and write in here everyday, OK. Bear with me.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I'm 15, in Minnesota and friendless. I moved here at the end of June. 

Here's an update on Luke. I've liked him since the first time I saw him and I still do today. I don't fully understand him yet. Katie and him are friends again (did I tell you that?) but it wasn't as good as I'd thought it would be. We didn't do stuff together. Anyway, for awhile Luke was going out with some girl, Sara. Recently I received a letter from Katie and she said they were breaking up cause Sara was kind of mean to Luke. Their relationship was purely sexual and Luke couldn't talk to her very well. I think I still like him, maybe even love him. 

I don't understand my feeling for him. One thing I was just thinking about is that Luke doesn't annoy me. I mean, I get annoyed so easily and I guess that's one reason I like him. He graduated from high school and he'll be going to the College of San Mateo next year. His grades aren't so good but he is good at the guitar. So maybe he can get some kinda job in the music business. I hope I can keep in touch with him when we're both adults and on our own. He's a special guy.

Well, I have a lot of subjects to cover: Katie, Mike, Dan, Indiana, summer, Wayzata, clothes, me, future, money and hair. 

Katie first. Well Katie and I are still friends of course. I just wanted to tell you about her personality and looks. She's very unique looking, not really pretty but definitely not ugly. She's 16, almost 17 and she'll be a junior this year. Her grades aren't very good but she's a smart person in other ways, same as Luke. She admitted to me that she does like Luke. I suspected that she might. Anyway, she's like no one I've ever met and maybe that's why I like her so much. This is enough for now. You'll learn more about her later.

Around the time I moved, Mike and I became better friends. He used to make me uncomfortable because he was good looking and cause he had a lot of friends. But as I got to know his faults, I became more comfortable around him. Every once in awhile he would ask me over (usually if I called to talk to Luke) and that was nice of him. I guess he was bored and wanted company--so was I. Before I moved, we spent a day together (his idea). We went swimming and he rode me on dad's bike. We did laundry at the laundry place. That night, Sara (not Luke's Sara) had a party in a hotel room so we and some of his friends went to that. But it was boring so we left and went to a different party. I was bored all night though. I wouldn't want Mike for a best friend but I do like him (as a friend). He's fun sometimes. He's OK, you know.

Daniel just left awhile ago back to California. He came up here for about 3 weeks to visit. It was the same as last summer. Joel and Christian totally worshiped him and couldn't do anything without him. I hate when they do that. We don't really fight anymore. Just play fighting. I like him a lot, I'm glad to have him for a brother. Before he left, we went to Dairy Queen then drove around for awhile. 

A few weeks ago, Mom, Dan and I drove to Indiana for a family reunion. We stayed with my Uncle Don and his wife. I really liked Uncle Don. He was a great guy. In a way, he reminded me of Luke but he was a little happier. I met my great Aunt Eva and Dorothy and my cousin (I think), Jack, who's in his forties but I really liked him. He reminded me of Luke too. There was a lot of food there and people, around 50 or so. They had a pool so we went swimming there. It was fun. I'm glad I went and met my relatives. I like Aunt Eva. 

This summer was okay in California. I went swimming almost everyday and went out at night. It's been boring here, besides Indiana. I don't have any friends yet. All there is to do is go to the library, go swimming in Medicine Lake, lay out (sometimes), go to Ben Franklin's and buy candy, read, watch TV and that's about it. I've been trying to grow my hair. It'll probably take till next summer till it's as long as I want. But it's going to look terrible till then. I'm growing it to just above shoulder length. Maybe my bangs too. Then I'm going to get a braid perm or a body wave. 

I'm not mod anymore, that was stupid. When I go shopping for school clothes, I'm going to buy whatever appeals to me. Some things will be in fashion but I do want to dress nicely and more maturely. That'll help when looking for a job. I'll write more on this later. 

I'm going to be going to Wayzata High School. I'm not going to let people intimidate me anymore either. I've decided to think of people as equals until they prove differently. It looks like a pretty good school. I think I'll be happy there. They don't have a pool. Damn. Joel's junior high has a great pool. Lucky kid. Tomorrow is mom's birthday. I'll buy a new diary to write in then, OK.

Guess what I did two days ago? I bought my own TV set. It's great. It's a 13 inch, color Hitachi. It works great and has great reception and color! It cost $199.98. I'll be bringing it with me to college.

I put a sign in the office here at the condo's for babysitting. I have $800 dollars now cause I bought the TV. I also stuck little signs in people's doors. Hopefully I'll get some jobs soon and start making some more money. I want as much money as possible for college. Next summer I'll get a job and work full-time. 

Anyway, I gotta go. I'll buy a new diary tonight for tomorrow and I'll try to write everyday. Love, your friend, Jennifer. P.S. for my birthday I got a personal touch razor (cosmetic shave), a scientific book, Lilly on Dolphins, Meddle (Pink Floyd album) and $20."

Jennifer had a lot to catch up on. Her relationship with Luke and Katie was the stuff of movies--teen movies. Jennifer felt more for Luke than she first admitted in her diaries. She thought he was perfect but unattainable. He was so much older. She worshiped him.

Jennifer also adored Katie. She found that she could tell Katie anything. So Jennifer spent months confiding to Katie about Luke. Jennifer remembers lounging in Katie's room going on about things Luke said, about his amazing guitar skills, about his brown skin and hair so blond it was almost white, about him wrestling with her and coming over to her house to see her brother and how he rode her around Foster City on his scooter. Katie just listened.

Only later did Jennifer find out that her musings had been pure agony to Katie who was also in love with Luke! Worse, Luke wasn't interested in either of them--although Katie suspected that Jennifer had a better chance with him than she did. Katie tired of hearing about Luke. Once Jennifer moved, their friendship slowly fizzled.

You might remember that Jennifer's mom and step-dad had planned to move to California. Well, they decided it was smarter to live near Jeff's aging parents in Minnesota. Jeff found a job and the family moved to Plymouth, a suburb of Minneapolis. They rented a townhouse in Fox Forest.

Jennifer, dying to get away from her dad, joined them in Minnesota. She liked all the greenery but couldn't stand the humidity, the mosquitoes or the flatness of the land. In Anchorage, Foster City and Littleton she had always been hemmed in by mountain ranges or foothills. Here the land went as far as she could see. She could almost see the curve of the earth! It was not cozy to her. It felt exposed and endless. It was hard to orient north, south, east and west without a hilly border. To her is was a green desert.

When some people have to give up a pet that is not working out for them, they "re-home" it. I guess this sounds better than "getting rid of it" or "giving it away". So I will use this term to describe Jennifer's experience. She has been "re-homed" again (5th move to a new home since the divorce and the fifth brand new school).

This is where we find her now..."15, in Minnesota and friendless."

How will she cope?

P.S. Color TV's had been out for awhile of course! However, shoppers still had the option to purchase a black and white TV at the stores. They were just cheaper.

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