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Fun in Minnesota!

September 8, 1985

Dear Ophelia,
"Well two weekends ago (I think), we went on a camping trip to Pipestone. We went through Walnut Grove and Sleepy Eye. It was pretty fun. We went to a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. I always thought I looked like Laura when I was younger. She reminded me of me. 

 The real Ingalls family!

Friday night I went to a Wayzata football game. You don't really watch the game, it's just an excuse to hang out. I went with Jennifer who rides my bus and her friend, Amy. I had a pretty good time. We also walked to McDonalds. A dance was on that night but we didn't go. I don't really like dances, probably cause I don't dance very well. 

My homework over the weekend was to read how to answer an essay question, review German, study for a test in Geometry and write a report on condos for Interior Design. So far, I'm doing really well in school. I hope I can keep it up. As far as friends, I have about five friends. 

Well, I took my Swiss army knife and I cut off two moles. This was awhile ago. It kind of hurt but the one on my thigh as been reduced to a red bump and the one on my foot is a lot lighter, flatter and smaller. One on my arm is completely gone and the other is just slightly visible (red). I'm pretty happy about it though. The bumps on the backs of my arms are pretty much gone. I weigh around 101 pounds now. I'm thin, not skinny. My knees are still turned in but I'm working on standing on the outsides of my feet. I'm also working on my posture. 

Today we went to Winona to bring Angela some stuff for her new apartment. It's really neat, above a small restaurant. 

Yesterday we went to a picnic for Jeff's company, Trend. It was pretty fun. Mom and Jeff won tickets to the Renaissance Festival. I won a certificate of achievement for the Pepsi Challenge. i could tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke. A lot of people won. I also got 4th place in the sack race for ages 13 to adult. 

I'm wearing my headgear right now. I started, Dolphins, by Jacques-Ives Cousteau. I'm on page 162 out of 256 pages. The time is 10:25pm. I have to go to bed soon. Saturday I got two pairs of Levis, white and gray and a red, sweater-vest which I really like. Well, gotta jam. Love, Jennifer."

I think this entry shows the dangers of perfectionism. Jennifer analyzed every inch of her body and focused on what wasn't perfect. She performed minor surgery with her Swiss army knife! That's a little extreme. What are kids doing in the privacy of their bedrooms? Would any parent guess that they were removing moles with a knife? You may think you know your kid, but do you?

Jennifer just found out last year what the bumps on the back of some people's arms are. It's called Keratosis Pilaris. The body produces too much keratin. Keratin builds up in the hair follicles on the back of the arms and sometimes the thighs. There is no cure for this condition. It tends to be worse in the winter. Her bumps may have cleared up in Minnesota due to the humidity. Anyway, Jennifer now exfoliates with KP Duty scrub and she uses Amlactin lotion--this treats the problem very well! Her skin is better than ever!

I think Jennifer has the same kind of perfectionism that leads so many girls down the road to anorexia, suicide and depression. Jennifer hated being "skinny" so she did not try to control her eating. She controlled her grades.

Pipestone, home of the Peace Pipe!

Not a lot of tourists go there, but Jen and her family went! Jennifer doesn't remember Pipestone, but she remembers Walnut Grove. She grew up watching The Little House on the Prairie. The journey there was more of a pilgrimage than a camping trip! Jennifer did look a little like Melissa Gilbert who played Laura Ingalls in The Little House on the Prairie!


Laura (Melissa Gilbert)

(I like to think that they both got better looking with age too!) 


Melissa Gilbert (Laura)

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