Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Readers

Please enjoy the diary entries and old photos on this blog about a latchkey kid growing up in the seventies. With parents divorced, Jennifer grew up in California, Colorado, Alaska, and Minnesota. Jennifer made a new set of friends every time she moved, but the pets in her life were constant (at least until they died.)

Today Jennifer is a children's book author. She writes fantasy fiction and her characters range from princesses, to pets, to flying horses. She is married and living with her husband, three children, two horses, three dogs, and three cats in Northern California. She is living her dream exactly as she predicted she would in her diaries when she was a child. 

The revelation of the "Jennifer Diaries" is not complete, but it is on hiatus while Jennifer writes her GUARDIAN HERD middle-grade book series for HarperCollins. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this time capsule into the past. 


P.S. I get asked a lot why I write about myself in third person in this blog. It's because dissecting the diaries is happy, sad, painful, and just plain easier when I disassociate myself from it. But I am Jennifer. I am the Diaries.

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