About Me

Jennifer graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She is a full-time blogger, speaker, wife, mother of three, and writer of fantasy novels for children. She is represented by Jacqueline Flynn of Delbourgo Associates.

Jennifer's Books:
The Guardian Herd Series chronicles the struggle for power between war-weary herds of pegasi in the land of Anok. The working titles for this unpublished series are The Winged Herds of Anok, The Rise of Nightwing, and Shooting the Stars. These books introduce young readers to the dangerous and beautiful land of the pegasi with more books to follow.  
The Pet Washer is the first book in the Pet Washer Series. Jennifer self-published the novel in 2011 and re-released it with a new cover in 2012. This series chronicles the friendships and adventures of a hard-working teen pet washer named Cianna whose life is changed when a vacationing princess befriends her. 

Jennifer lives in Northern California with her family and more than her fair share of pets.